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A man who fled from a traffic stop last night before breaking into two Oro Valley homes, taking hostages and shooting at deputies has killed himself, a sheriff’s official said.

The man was barricaded in an Oro Valley home for about 12 hours and shot himself as SWAT officers tried to convince him to give up, said Deputy Tracy Suitt, spokesman for the Pima County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff’s deputies pulled over a car at about 10 p.m. Tuesday along North Oracle Road and North Steam Pump Way, and the driver initially stopped. However, he refused to get out of his car and sped away from the deputies, Suitt said.

Deputies on the ground and by helicopter chased the car to a parking lot at a northwest-side hospital. When the driver pulled into the parking lot, a female passenger got out and ran into the hospital. She was found in the hospital and booked into the Pima County jail on an outstanding felony warrant. She also faces a new charge of possession of drugs for sale.

However, before deputies could get to the car, the driver took off on foot, Suitt said.

Deputies chased him into a nearby neighborhood where the man broke into a house. The residents —two adults and a teen — fled the home and ran to a neighbor’s for help, Suitt said. The suspect then ran through the backyards of homes in the area and began shooting at officers before breaking into a second home and taking three adults hostage.

The gunman let two of the hostages go and SWAT negotiators eventually convinced him to release a third hostage, a woman in her 20s, but he refused to leave the home.

SWAT sent two robots into the home and they tracked him to an upstairs bathroom. Negotiators continued talking to the man, urging him to surrender, but just before noon he shot himself, Suitt said.

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