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Federal officers seized 4,000 in drugs in three separate incidents at the Nogales port of entry.

According to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection news release:

On Sunday, Cristian Abraham Avechuco-Romero, 19, of Tucson, was taken into custody after methamphetamine was found in his Chevrolet truck. A drug-sniffing dog at the DeConcini crossing alerted officers to two packages of meth in the vehicle's battery compartment. The drugs weighed more than five pounds and were worth about ,800.On Monday, Fernando Cejudo-Nevarez, 40, of Nogales, Son., was arrested after meth was found in his Chrysler van at the Mariposa crossing. Ten packages of meth were found in the rear quarter panels of the vehicle. The drugs weighed more than 10 pounds and were valued at about 5,000.On Tuesday, Andres Gamez-Garcia, 70, of Cajeme, Son. was taken into custody after heroin and cocaine were found in his Ford truck at the DeConcini port. Officers seized six packages containing nearly seven pounds of heroin valued at ,500. They also confiscated eight packages of more than nine pounds of cocaine worth nearly ,000.

All three were referred to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcements' Homeland Security Investigations.

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