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This appears to be an issue between one government agency, the city of Hollister and another, the Hollister Elementary School District (which is completely separate from the County of San Benito). My guess is that HESD is trying to capture revenue or perhaps defray expenses related to upkeep of their fields. If HESD is planning on letting their fields go (no watering, etc.) or they have meaningful cleaning up to do every morning (trash, dog waste) in order for the school to be able to use the fields for physical education and recess, then they have a very valid point in shutting down the partnership. However, I still think it can be worked out. To allow the assets to not be used during non-school hours and days is a waste. The City recreational sports programs (and Little League, Pop Warner, Tremors) are extremely valuable in keeping youth occupied and developing physical and social skills. It could be that those other groups are willing to pay for use of the fields and HESD is making them more available to whoever can pay for them, which is HESD's right I suppose, especially if they have an obligation to remain solvent.

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We are a proud member unit of the California Historical Society, which is the largest World War II reenactment group on the West Coast, and the only organization to stage full on armor and infantry reenactments.